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Application Support and Maintenance

From fixing bugs with highest priority, to organising continuous support processes for your business — we'll support and maintain your project throughout its lifecycle.

Timely support and friendly communication

Our support services are constantly rated as very reliable and responsive. We have processes in place to ensure timely communication, quality delivery and testing of reported problems.

All support requests on your projects will be directed to either online helpdesk system or your account manager. The issues will then be picked up by our developers and fixed, tested, and then delivered. If developers are unable to resolve the query, they will escalate the issue to project owner so that your problem can be addressed and clarified accordingly. Support requests are submitted using our in-house helpdesk system, where a the issue is tracked and a full issue history is available.

Our helpdesk is available 9am - 6 pm weekdays and is regularly monitored out of hours.

As well as our online helpdesk, you can also get in touch by telephone or via email whatever's the most convenient for you.

If you've developed the project with us, we will have already had worked out with you an uninterrupted transition to support phase.

Our software consultants can help with:

For any new customers, we're here to analyse your support requirements and propose the right model for you:

  • Document and create usage guides all possible use cases within your project
  • Setting up a help desk to tackle and track different priority issues
  • Assistance with any functionality you or your end-users (customers) are unfamiliar with
  • Monitoring of platforms, systems, databases, maintenance
  • Setting up backups and restoring from backup, if required
  • Rolling releases back or merging data from previous versions
  • Data migrations and conversion services
  • Source code retention (physical), or knowledge (understanding of)

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